A little bit about me….

Hello and welcome to my shiny new blog. One of my resolutions this new year was to start blogging more seriously and regularly.

I will start off by telling you a little about myself. I am 27 and I live with my boyfriend of 9 years. We share our home with two adorbale kitties. If it was upto me the house would be filled with animals and no doubt I would be sleeping in a little corner somewhere while they took over the flat. My boyfriend however keeps my animal crazy feet firmly on the ground and reminds me (quite rightly) that we dont have the space for any more animals sadly. We are both vegetarian and looking to start gradually becoming vegan this year. We both love to cook and even though I used to work in kitchens the boy has definately overtaken me in the cookery stakes. I love sewing, knitting, crocheting and anything arty or creative. We recently turned our spare room into a studio of sorts and are still working on making it perfect. My boyfriend, I will call Mister H from now on, is studying illustration and animation and I am studying textiles & fashion. I will be applying for the FDA textile and surface design course later this year which is extremely exciting. I work as a visual merchandiser for a jewellery company, which basically means I set up jewellery stands that you see in stores. I am hopefully going to start my etsy store this year and am excited at the prospect of making beautiful crafty things for people to buy.

I am a hair dye addict and so my colour will change from time to time. I love to bake and to read and will most likely blog about all of these lovely interests at some point. I cant wait to find some wonderful crafty blogs to read so if you have any suggestions please feel free to link me to them in a comment!

Happy new year