Life, The kitty’s & me.

by ashycupcake

Saying as animals are such a large part of my life I thought it would be fun to introduce you to the two kitty’s I share my home with. 

Firstly I will introduce Peanut. We got peanut first & as much as I love cats I really hadn’t planned on getting one at all. Mr H & I were on our way to buy a carpet for our living room as we had just recently moved in. The flat was a mess and we were quite literally in the middle of decorating. We passed a small pet store on the way and decided to have a quick look as we were thinking about maybe getting some rats. We walked in and there she was… 


She was as you can see, this tiny little creature and she immediately stood up and wrapped those tiny paws around the bars of the tiny cage she was in. I couldn’t resist. I couldn’t leave her there. I am quite opinionated when it comes to the welfare of animals and usually wouldn’t want to give money to a pet store but I just couldn’t walk away from her little face. And so we dashed off to buy kitten supplies, forgetting our carpet and welcoming a new face into our lives. So she became my baby, she would sleep with me and follow me everywhere I went, and she still does. Peanut is quite camera shy and seems to know when I want to take a photo of her so I only have a few decent ones.Image

This is her lounging on our newly fitted living room carpet when we finished decorating. Image

However… I was worried about her. Whenever we went out she would greet us at the top of the stairs and start mewing wildly like she had missed our company. I decided it would be good for her to have more cat company. I started asking around and looking for people who needed homes for kittens. i wanted another young cat because peanut was still silly and boisterous. A friend who I had gone to school with got in touch on facebook and told me her aunt had some kittens that would need homes in a month or so. ImageImage

And after waiting what seemed like forever we got to take Boo home. We had no idea what to name her for a long while. Then one day we were talking about how she always looks scared and I suggested we call her Boo. The name stuck and it does really suit her. Boo and Peanut are the polar opposite when it comes to their personalities, Peanut loves cuddles and attention and will follow me through every room I wander into. Boo is independant and fiesty, she always wants to play and will only come and sit on you for a cuddle when she really wants one. I love them both tremendously and am so happy to have them in my life. After all what is life without cats?