books glorious books

by ashycupcake

Ok so saying as I’m already kind of on the subject of obsessions. I have another to confess. I love books. There I said it. I cannot for the life of me understand how someone can not like reading, and no as much as I love magazines, they don’t count. I have a profile on and I like to set myself yearly challenges. I love that feeling you get when you connect with a fictional character to the point where as the book ends you feel you have lost a friend. I have a few favourite authors to share in case some of you haven’t heard of them and a few favourite books by authors I haven’t gotten round to reading anything else by.

Douglas Coupland – Mister C is my all time favourite author. His writing is not fancy or extravagant in any way. In fact what I adore about him is he writes about normal folk, boring, everyday, average joe type folk. My favourite of his books that I have read was Girlfriend in a coma.


Haruki Murakami – Mister Murakami has such a way with words. I adore 99% of what he writes. He is poetic and descriptive and then just when you were settling in for an easy comfortable ride he throws in a curve ball. He has this amazing way of making the abnormal seem normal. He creates characters that you fall in love with. His words make me want to move to Japan. My favourite book by him was actually the first one I read and I would recommend it to EVERYONE. I adore it THAT much. In fact its my favourite book ever its Norwegian wood.


Okay well I’m getting picked up by my friend in 20 minutes to go for some lunch so I will be back later to share more books I love.